Ethernet 10Gbps Pro

10Gbps services to connect single sites

Many large businesses and organisations are turning to multi-gigabit speed connectivity. To meet this need, CityFibre has made it more affordable than ever to step from 1Gbps (still available) to 10Gbps for point-to-point connections. Our Ethernet 10000 Pro product can be used to deliver a direct and secure 10Gbps connection between two or more customer sites in a metropolitan area.

The service is delivered over our modern fibre infrastructure, with a management link back to a CityFibre PoP. As with all our Ethernet products, Ethernet 10000 Pro has a standard 5 hour repair SLA.

At a glance

Ethernet 10000 Pro

  • Connects two or more sites
  • ≤40km standard route distance, ≤80 subject to planning
  • Network availability SLA
  • 10Gbps guarantee
  • Symmetrical bandwidths
  • No usage restrictions
  • Management link provided back to a CityFibre POP
  • 24/7 365 NOC support
  • 5-hour repair SLA

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