The CityFibre Way

Our mission

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Bringing us together. We are seizing a once in a generation opportunity to set a new standard in both infrastructure and service.

We are unlocking Britain’s potential in the digital age, focussed on the communities, people and places that have been historically under-served and helping them live a life in full flow.

Our mission, Building a legacy, represents what we are trying to change in the world; how we are trying to progress our industry on behalf of the UK.

To achieve this, we have a set of behaviours which make up The CityFibre Way and keep us all moving in the same direction.

Our behaviours

The CityFibre Way is what connects us, no matter what part of the company you find yourself in. The CityFibre Way unites us all; a unique code of behaviours to ensure voices are heard, ideas are welcomed and everyone can make an impact as we strive towards achieving our mission.

  • We bring a tireless energy to breaking new ground, replacing the complacency of incumbent thinking with the determination of a challenger.

    We create flow where there is friction, refuse to settle for ‘good enough’ and push for better every time.

  • Keep things simple so that life can flow and we can act fast, always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

    We define things well, focus on the task at hand, and are clear with one another, every step of the way.

  • We use our collective inventiveness to break new ground and achieve the seemingly impossible together.

    This means being open to a diversity of insight, looking outside of our silos to solve problems and applying ‘Can-If’ thinking to our constraints.

  • We strive to surpass expectations and leave an impression that lasts. We pay attention to the small details today, because that’s how we leave a legacy tomorrow.

    Customers trust and talk about us because we really listen, fix things fast if they go wrong and always go the extra mile.

  • We are a connected community that looks out for each other and wants everyone to feel counted, accountable and empowered.

    This means encouraging our colleagues to speak up about what matters and listening carefully when they do.

Rewarding and developing our people

Family-first policies

Our commitment to flexible working means we all enjoy a better work-life balance.

Market-leading benefits

Including 25 days holiday, performance-related bonuses and private healthcare.

Training & development

Whether you want to be a leader or learn something new, there are plenty of opportunities to grow.

Giving back

Everyone at CityFibre has the opportunity to give back to their local community.

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Sanjay Sudra
"“Following The CityFibre Way of working is really important for me. It means I have the backing and support to do a great job, and get recognition for my achievements.”"

Sanjay Sudra

Head of Wayleaves

Todd Lake 4
"“I was thinking about retiring before joining CityFibre, because I was so unhappy. But even with the Covid crisis, 2020 was the best year of my career so far. CityFibre has allowed me to really blossom and give my best to the business. I’m enjoying every moment.”"

Todd Lake

Regional MDU Manager

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