Rewards & Development

Everyone at CityFibre can move their career in any direction and feel supported, putting themselves and their family first

We’re a business with restless energy and a huge heart, creating a sense of purpose and career development opportunity the like of which has never been seen before. Whether you’ve got decades of experience under your belt, or you’re just starting out, CityFibre has everything in place for you to get the most out of your career.

Developing your career

As well as our training academies and apprenticeship programmes, we offer so many other ways to learn new skills that will see you grow within our company, which is one of the reasons why we won the CMI Employee Development Initiative of the Year in 2022. Our initiatives include:

ASPIRE programme

Our ASPIRE programme is an exciting 3-month learning journey, aligned to a Level 3 Principles of Management and Leadership Qualification, allowing our aspiring managers to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding of the role of a Line Manager.

LEAD programme

This 5-month programme, designed for our people managers, is based on learning the day-to-day skills you need to thrive as a leader of your team. LEAD supports our managers in their roles and offers the opportunity to achieve a CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management Qualification.

ACCELERATE programme

This programme is designed for our Heads of Department. We give our Heads of Department the opportunity to be mentored by our senior managers, offer 1-2-1 coaching, 360 feedback and a series of face-to-face workshops, including strategic leadership.

Internal Apprenticeships

We offer varying levels of Apprenticeships, from Level 3 to degree qualification, to help you continue to upskill and grow. By partnering with MentorLoop we can seamlessly offer all apprentices the guidance they need to progress and develop their careers.

Mentoring - Mentorloop

Recognised by Mentorloop as the most impactful mentoring program 2022. Our mentoring program helps to strengthen relationships, share knowledge and best practice, enabling us to think smarter, act faster in the way that we work all whilst backing each other.

elearning - The Hub

As our fibre network continues to gain pace, we need to make sure we have everything in place to be able to keep up. Our eLearning platform gives you access to hundreds of online courses on a wide range of subjects, which we constantly evaluate and update.


At CityFibre, you come first. We’re welcoming, inclusive and supportive. We value your opinion, listen to your ideas and celebrate your achievements, making sure that you always feel proud and appreciated within the CityFibre family.

Mental Health First Aid

We have 40 fully-trained Mental Health First Aiders operating across CityFibre to offer support and guidance.


Where possible, we give you the freedom to manage where and when you work. We’re promising a life in full-flow to our customers and we’re promising you that too.

Wellbeing sessions

From webinars on anxiety and nutrition to virtual yoga and Pilates, we’re here to help you take care of yourself.

Giving back

Giving back to the communities where we live and work is incredibly important to us. That’s why everyone at CityFibre is given one day every year to volunteer for a cause they feel strongly about.

Stephanie Chan 2
"“I was inspired by CityFibre to become a Mental Health First Aider. CityFibre has always encouraged employees not only to look after their physical health, but their mental health too. I am honoured to have been able to attend the courses and become a qualified MHFA and see what a difference we are making in the workplace.”"

Steph Chan

Change Manager

Reece Cushing
"“The flexibility here is fantastic. I never need to worry about taking last-minute time off, or rearranging things to work around my family. It’s very much a people first mindset.”"

Reece Cushing

GIS Analyst Team Lead

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