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There’s fibre and there’s CityFibre

Most ‘fibre’ connections aren’t what you think. The ‘fibre’ only makes it as far as the end of your street, then they’re using copper wire, just like the copper they used to make phone calls back in 1877. At CityFibre, we’re building a brand new fibre network all the way into homes across the country, delivering a near-faultless broadband connection.

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CityFibre for your home

Broadband you can forget about

At CityFibre, we’re starting from scratch and building a whole new network for the data age. One that delivers a connection so reliable you won’t have to think about your broadband ever again.

We’ve designed a network that’s intelligent, capable of quietly tracking and fixing issues as they happen, minimising painful freezes and drop-outs. Add to that almost limitless capacity and you get a broadband connection so reliable you’ll forget it’s even there.

What about speed? We’ll keep this quick: our network is capable of speeds of up to 100Gbps, and our broadband providers currently offer packages with speeds up to 1000Mbps available to residents. Just another reason this will be a connection you can take for granted.

There’s fibre and there’s CityFibre

A majority of ‘fibre’ connections only make it as far as the end of your street. At CityFibre, we’re extending our intelligent new network all the way into homes and businesses across the country, delivering a broadband connection that feels seamless.

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Delivering Full Fibre to your door

We’re installing our Full Fibre networks in neighbourhoods across the UK. You should receive our pre-build letters through your door and you may start to notice our build partners making it happen, installing end-to-end fibre optic cables in the ground and on nearby telephone poles.

Getting connected is easy

Broadband providers across the UK are using the CityFibre network to deliver Full Fibre to you home.

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“Cannot recommended CityFibre enough. Excellent installation, and best of all this blows the competition out of the water. Thank you.”


“Very impressed. Internet has no lag when gaming, searches are so much faster, fantastic upload and download speeds as promised.”


“Great install experience with very friendly and professional engineers. Speeds are top notch and I couldn’t fault CityFibre at all!”

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