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When we say fast, we mean fast

There's fibre. Then there's Full Fibre

We're building brand new Full Fibre networks right across the UK, giving you access to the best quality broadband from a range of providers.

A Full Fibre connection does everything you want your broadband to do:

  • As much 4K streaming as you can watch
  • Hassle free working from home
  • Crystal clear video calling
  • Online gaming that won't leave you lagging behind

…all at the same time.

Choice is always a good thing

We work with a growing list of great broadband providers to bring you the best Full Fibre deals in your area.

What is Full Fibre?

Most of the UK is still lagging behind on the 100+ years old copper network, some have access to hybrid copper/fibre connections, BUT only Full Fibre provides you with end-to-end fibre network technology. Compare the Full Fibre difference below...
Copper Line
Fibre Optic

Standard Broadband (ADSL)

Least Reliable

Traditional copper telephone lines

Fibre broadband (FTTC)

Mix of fibre and traditional copper

Full Fibre broadband (FTTP)

Most Reliable

100% Fibre Optic connection

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Delivering Full Fibre to your door

We’re installing our Full Fibre networks in neighbourhoods across the UK. You should receive our pre-build letters through your door and you may start to notice our build partners making it happen, installing end-to-end fibre optic cables in the ground and on nearby telephone poles.

How we build our network

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