Our infrastructure | The Full Fibre Broadband Network

Designing and building our independent infrastructure from scratch allows us to drive everything to be right first time.

With everything in our power, we're driving the highest standards of construction, implementing state-of-the-art network technology and ensuring our systems are smart and scalable.

The result is an intelligent, reliable network that will last for generations.

How we plan our network

Before any construction begins, we identify every site we’ll need to connect. This tells us where the most capacity is needed today and how this may change in the future. ​

​We use this information to plan the main routes of our network, designing them in such a way that should cables become damaged at any point, data traffic can be routed a different way. Once these main routes are defined, we expand our design out to plan a fibre connection point for each site we’ll pass, with spare capacity in reserve.​

How we build locally

From the earliest planning stages of our local network builds, we’re mindful of our impact on a given neighbourhood and its surroundings.​

​To ensure our infrastructure is installed in the least disruptive and most exacting way, we work closely with residents, local councils and a trusted community of construction experts. We also engage with public and private landlords in an effort to ensure no one is left behind.​

The technology we use

To manage every connection we provide and help us to fix issues as they happen, we invest in our own state-of-the-art, power efficient fibre exchanges. Roughly the size of a shipping container, these facilities power up to 60,000 connections, with space for expansion. ​ ​

Each exchange is climate controlled and uses AI and machine learning to maximise equipment longevity, monitor services and reduce failure. We’re also using 100% renewable mains electricity to keep the carbon impact associated with our live network to a minimum.

How we connect nationally

The way that a local network is connected to the rest of the UK and beyond can affect the overall quality of every service. That’s why we’ve chosen to build our own national network – giving us maximum control of quality, speed and reliability even after data traffic leaves a local area. ​

​This is all part of delivering the connections people truly deserve. It also allows our ISP partners to deliver services into every city, town and village by interconnecting at a single point on our network.

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Built better by design​

​Our team’s determination to constantly improve and fine tune the way we plan and build our networks has a direct effect on the speed, reliability and responsiveness of the connections we power. ​

​We build our own modern fibre exchanges, choose our own network technology and are investing in our own national network because it’s the best way to deliver the quality of connections that people across the UK need and deserve.