Full Fibre Broadband for landlords

The UK's finest Full Fibre connection to attract and retain your tenants

In this digital age, a good broadband connection is a must-have for both residential and commercial tenants. That’s why, as a landlord, it’s important to offer a fast, reliable digital connection, in order to attract and retain long-term tenants.

At CityFibre, we’re building brand new Full Fibre networks across the UK, so you can get your properties connected to a network that’s ready for the future. What’s more, installation is free!

Connecting your property is simple




We ask you to sign a Wayleave Agreement, giving us consent to install Full Fibre at your property. Get started by filling in the form below.



Free survey

We conduct a free survey and work with you to develop the best installation plan.



Free installation

Once everything is agreed, we install Full Fibre at your property free of charge.




Once the network is live, your tenants can choose from a range of great broadband providers.

Get in touch

To discuss getting your property connected to our network, please reach out using the form below.

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What is a wayleave agreement?

We require permission to connect your building to our network.

We gain this permission via a "wayleave agreement", which is just a fancy term for you allowing us access to your building. In order to install the necessary equipment allowing your tenants to connect to the CityFibre network via a range of broadband providers.

Full Fibre benefits for landlords

  • Full Fibre is free to install
  • Can increase the value of your property by as much as 24%*
  • Attract and retain long-term tenants with future-proof connectivity
  • Manage your properties more efficiently with smart monitoring tech

Full Fibre benefits for tenants

  • Fast, reliable broadband with speeds of up to 1000Mbps
  • A network that can handle multiple devices and users online at once
  • Choice of great broadband providers, including Vodafone and TalkTalk

Broadband speed can increase the value of a property by as much as 24%*

*ISP review 2019

Expert installation guaranteed

We understand that you may be wary of installing new infrastructure in your properties, but rest assured, our expert team have extensive experience installing Full Fibre in all types of property. They also work closely with you to determine the location of any wall fixtures and cable runs before they begin.

Hear from landlords connected to our network

Property Developer residents
"“It is crucial that our tenants have access to fast and reliable broadband at a reasonable price and we are delighted that CityFibre has chosen to invest in the area with these Full Fibre installations.""

New Gorbals Housing Association

Kirsten Adams-MacKenzie, Vice-Chair

Property Developer Build
""CityFibre’s Full Fibre network will be vital in ensuring Wolverhampton has a resilient and dynamic economy for decades to come, and the Council’s blanket wayleave agreement will ensure our customers can enjoy the fastest and most reliable digital connectivity from the comfort of their homes.”"

Wolverhampton Homes

Shaun Aldis, Chief Executive

Property imagery 3
"“It’s vital that our homes have access to the best broadband available and I’m really pleased we’re already working towards our homes having futureproof Gigabit-capable broadband speeds.”"


Liz Bloomfield, Portfolio Manager

We're trusted by public and private housing providers

Wolverhampton Homes
Clarion Housing Group
Places for People
Gloucester City Homes
Estuary Housing
Wheatley Group
Sanctuary Housing
Derby Homes
Edinburgh Council
Yorkshire Housing logo

Helpful Resources

Landlord pack

Everything you need to know about CityFibre and our Full Fibre network.

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Landlord's FAQs guide

If you have any questions, you’ll likely find the answer in this handy guide.


Quick FAQs

  • A wayleave is a legal contract between us and the land or property owner. It gives us permission to visit your property to carry out a survey to identify the route we could use to install Full Fibre. Only at the point that a route has been identified and agreed by the owner or property manager, will we move forward with the installation.

  • The wayleave is an agreement for the survey to take place and then upon agreement of the route, for the work to be carried out.

  • The survey of the property and the installation of Full Fibre is completely free and funded by CityFibre. There will be no costs to you or your tenants to supply the infrastructure.