Ethernet 100Mbps

Guaranteed 100Mbps services designed to connect single sites

Ethernet 100 is a scalable, low latency MEF aligned service, that uses modern optical technology to deliver 100Mbps speeds at competitive prices.

ENNI handover for this service is included at 10Gbps within the same Metro area. As with all our Ethernet products, Ethernet 100 enjoys a standard 5 hour repair SLA and is delivered over a core infrastructure that’s designed in rings for resilience. Ethernet 100 can also be upgraded to Ethernet 1000 Flex at a later date, with no additional connection fee.

At a glance

Ethernet 100

  • Connects a customer site to a CityFibre POP
  • ≤20km route distance
  • 10G ENNI handover within the same metro area
  • 100Mbps guaranteed
  • Symmetrical bandwidths
  • No usage restrictions
  • In band management via aggregation head end
  • 24/7 365 NOC support
  • 5-hour repair SLA

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