Our Network

Our Network

Built better, by design

Designed smarter, built stronger

We build our local networks and national backbone infrastructure in rings. This enables data to go via an alternate route if failure or damage occurs in one area. The result is an ultra-reliable network for ultimate peace of mind.

Capable of 100Gbps, and beyond

Our network is already able to meet the symmetrical gigabit-speed demands of entire communities for generations to come. Smart technology choice also means we’re able to step-up bandwidth easily to meet all future needs.

High-tech Fibre Exchanges

Our network is powered by our own highly secure, climate-controlled micro-edge data centres. Using renewable energy sources to support our net zero ambitions, each exchange serves up to 60,000 premises as well as partner colocation requirements.

Market-changing access technology

We were the first to introduce wholesale open access GPON technology to the UK over our resilient ring-based network architecture. Plans to upgrade this to XGS-PON are already underway as part of our continuous Full Fibre Network evolution.

Advanced optical backbone

By expanding our resilient, multi-terabit national infrastructure and using the latest CDC technology, we can provide a higher-quality, more automated alternative to existing carrier networks. Connecting into key UK carrier-neutral facilities via this network provides extensive interconnect options for our partners.

Open access & wholesale only

Homes and businesses deserve choice. That’s why we welcome partners of all types and sizes to provide services over our network. We support them with innovative products and never sell direct to the customers they serve.

What's the Full Fibre Difference?

There's lots of ways to deliver broadband but only one is fast, reliable and future proof. Click a technology from the list below to see how they compare.
Copper Line
Fibre Optic

Standard Broadband (ADSL)

Least Reliable

Traditional copper telephone lines

Fibre broadband (FTTC)

Mix of fibre and traditional copper

Full Fibre broadband (FTTP)

Most Reliable

100% Fibre Optic connection

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