Business Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)

Seize the rapidly growing opportunity to serve small and medium sized businesses with our Business FTTP product - available on the UK's largest independent full fibre platform.

It’s ideal for serving businesses who are looking for a connection that will last for generations to come, that’s up to the job of bandwidth hungry services such as cloud-based applications, guest WiFi and video calls.

At a glance

Business FTTP

  • Full Fibre, gigabit-capable symmetrical connection
  • Choice of 160Mbps and 1Gbps bandwidth options
  • Flexible repair SLAs
  • Unlimited usage
  • QoS to ensure crystal clear VoIP services
  • Full API suite to enable system automation

Local and National

Interconnect Options

There are two ways in which we handoff our Layer 2 Business FTTP services to suit the needs of your business:

  • Local Access - for ISPs that already have an established presence in specific CityFibre Fibre exchanges wishing to maximise their return on investment
  • National Access - For ISPs who want to access our national FTTP footprint from one handover location

ISPs are also able to deploy a hybrid approach, taking a combination of Local and National Access, to suit their network architecture and roll-out strategies.

Fibre-only broadband

How does our fibre broadband differ from other broadband services?

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  • Copper Line Copper Line
  • Fibre Line

Off-net Broadband

If our Fibre broadband is not available to your partners, we can supply our wholesale and resale broadband services throughout the UK thanks to our strategic relationships with other carriers.


  • Yes, delivered across CityFibre's revolutionary Full Fibre Network.

  • Yes.

  • In an ever-expanding number of cities. Please see our network rollout to see where it's currently available.

  • This service is end to end fibre. We manage the access technology by splitting and continuing the pure fibre connection to no more than 32 premises.

  • ADSL is a full copper based broadband service. FTTC means that fibre-optic cables are run to the street cabinet but the final connection from the cabinet to the premises is left as copper. FTTP provides a fibre connection all the way to the business premises.

  • FTTP Local Access allows you to handover locally at any location where we have an existing CityFibre FEx (Fibre Exchange) and fibre footprint. It enables ISPs to maximise on their existing infrastructure investments.

    Business FTTP National Access allows you to handover nationally at one or more points of interconnect. As an alternative to Local Access, it offers a fast, simple way to serve businesses across our entire footprint. Avoiding the need to invest in local presence across each fibre exchange area. Providing access to a much wider fibre ready business footprint

  • We offer a 1Gb symmetrical service with our FTTP product with a guaranteed 100Mbps down, 40Mbps up.

  • The rapid rise in bandwidth consumption is being driven by businesses of all sizes changing the way they work, from adoption of cloud based services to provision of guest WiFi, we are seeing a demand for always-on, stable, resilient and future-proof connectivity. Add to that the looming copper-switch-off and it’s easy to see why now is the perfect time to guide your customers onto the power of a gigabit speed Full Fibre connection.

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