Off-net Broadband

Basic connectivity for homes and small businesses

If our FTTH/P service isn't available in your chosen location, we can supply FTTP and SoGEA throughout the UK thanks to our strategic relationships with other carriers.

Typically purchased to service lower bandwidth demand needs of householders, small businesses or IOT connectivity.

Our Broadband services are cost effective and still considered an essential part of any ISP’s product portfolio. We can offer Broadband products as a Reseller or Wholesale business model dependent upon your support needs.

Off-net broadband at a glance

  • No minimum order requirement
  • Manage your orders through our partner portal
  • Cost-effective
  • 24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical service

Resale or Wholesale?

Resale Model:

  • Ready-made unlimited or usage-based broadband packages

Wholesale Model:

  • Offering the ultimate flexibility - you create your own packages, using our wholesale tails and bandwidth model
  • White label service - you manage ordering from your own website under your own branding
  • You bill your customers directly
  • We manage authentication for you and deliver the traffic using Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol
  • If you have your own infrastructure to authenticate your users, then our unmanaged Wholesale Broadband variant is for you, and because we are less involved, the price to you is even keener


  • SoGEA means that fibre-optic cables are run to the street cabinet but the final connection from the cabinet to the premises is left as copper. FTTP provides a fibre connection all the way along. To implement a SoGEA connection however, the cabinet needs to have been appropriately enabled.

  • As part of our commitment to working together in the way that suits you, we offer a range of ready-made broadband packages that meet the broad bandwidth requirements of your business and residential customers. You can choose to have these billed on your behalf, earning a commission in return or you can bill your customers directly, earning whatever margin you’ve added on top of our competitive pricing. Alternatively, you can choose to buy broadband from us on a bandwidth and tails basis to create your own unique offering.

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