Will you contact me before my installation?

Will you contact me before my installation?

If you have a full fibre install appointment, you may receive appointment reminder messages.

Appointment reminders

Before your installation appointment, you may receive text messages and/or emails from CityFibre or your broadband provider. Appreciating that circumstances may have changed since your broadband provider made the original appointment booking with us, CityFibre, so this text message and email service aim to provide you with the following options:

  1. to keep your installation date
  2. to change your installation date
  3. or to cancel your installation appointment

The text messages and emails also aim to provide you with some information about what to expect from our engineers during the installation appointment.

Text message numbers and email addresses used by CityFibre for installation reminders:

Please note, these phone numbers and email addresses are for outbound messaging only, they are unable to support voice calls and any messages or emails sent to them, will not be seen.

Customers upgrading to full fibre with their existing broadband provider:

  • TalkTalk: Tel: +447860064015, Email: info@fullfibre.talktalk.co.uk
  • Vodafone: Tel: +447701407300, Email: info@fullfibre.vodafone.co.uk

New orders with all broadband providers:

  • Tel: +447860064029, Email: installations@fullfibre.cityfibre.com

For more information about what to expect before and during your CityFibre full fibre installation, please visit our Installation page.

If you remain unsure about any aspect of your installation booking, please contact your existing/chosen broadband provider directly.

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