My broadband and/or wifi is slow or keeps dropping out, what can I do?

My broadband and/or wifi is slow or keeps dropping out, what can I do?

If you feel your broadband service has slowed or is dropping, you should contact your broadband provider directly for help and support to resolve your issue.

Check your current connection speed using our Broadband Speed Checker.

However, if you would like to try some simple checks prior to contacting your broadband provider, here are a few simple checks you can undertake to help identify or even resolve the issue:

  1. Remove obstructions/interference: Make sure your router is not obstructed or hidden, the instruction manual for your router should provide some basic placement guidance. Try to avoid placing the router near other electronic devices and large glass objects (windows, large vases or ornaments).
  2. Test your connection: If you feel your broadband is slowing down or regularly drops out, it is always good to run a speed test from a laptop connected directly to your router (using an ethernet cable instead of the Wi-Fi connection). If you can't do this, and can only test over Wi-Fi, stand as close to the router as possible and make sure the router is clear of any obstructions. Whilst connected to the router by ethernet, if the problems are reduced, this might indicate that you are experiencing a Wi-Fi-specific issue.
  3. Device type: CityFibre's network provides gigabit-level speeds, which some devices may struggle to support. Older smartphones, tablets and laptops won't be able to keep up with the speeds on offer - so make sure you are using the latest, most powerful devices you have to check if you have a speed/quality issue.
  4. Device security: Always make sure you have the latest security software available on your devices. Viruses and other issues could cause your device to slow down. Head to the device information and/or settings section to see if you have any updates available.
  5. Wi-Fi connection: Check your Broadband Provider's instructions on how to connect your devices to your router. You may be able to improve your connection by selecting a different band or channel. If you have a lot of devices connected it may be better to share them across Wi-Fi bands.
  6. Broadband provider's router: Your router can have a huge influence on Wi-Fi quality. Check with your broadband provider if you have their latest router, and if they offer a Wi-Fi extender/booster solution. This may help with reaching those devices furthest away from your router.
  7. Wi-Fi set-up: It is really important that your router is positioned in an open location, central to all your devices and clear from any obstruction. Don't hide your router away; obstructions like doors, walls and floors can reduce the signal strength to your device.
  8. Interference: Electrical devices, metal objects and glass can have a negative effect on Wi-Fi performance. Try not to have any power cables or electrical devices next to or close to your router (don't place it behind your TV). Avoid placing the router next to a window or behind large glass and/or metal ornaments, vases etc.

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