Our society

We’re more than an infrastructure company powering better internet connections. For us it’s a much bigger story.

We believe in giving people in every corner of the nation the same head start in their digital lives, while encouraging innovation in business and growth in our economy. ​

​We ask ourselves: how can we ensure that people right across the social spectrum have access to the connection they need and deserve – today and tomorrow? And how can we get involved to ensure everyone has the digital skills they need to thrive in the data age?​

A network for the data ages

Our society tomorrow will be different to the one we have today, and while we can’t predict everything about it, we can make sure our infrastructure is able to serve it.​ ​

We do this by designing our network from scratch to meet the diverse needs of entire communities. We then build it to a level of quality and with enough capacity to ensure it can surpass expectations for generations to come. ​

Delivering the benefits faster

We aim to connect people and premises as quickly as possible. We achieve this by working closely with local councils, contractors and residents to make sure each build is as smooth and efficient as possible.

To ensure as many people as possible know what we’re building and why, we communicate locally at every step. This includes contacting social housing and private landlords to avoid their tenants being left behind.

Making change happen

Better connectivity is encouraging more tech start ups, enabling established businesses to innovate and grow, and is leading to more and more services being managed online. All of this raises the demand for digital skills, not just in the workplace but in day-to-day life. ​ ​

From sponsorship of coding clubs and child safety online, to digital inclusion initiatives, we work within local communities to help boost essential digital skills. It’s all about giving the next generation the best possible start and ensuring no one is left digitally disadvantaged.

Everyone benefits from better skills and better broadband

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