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Symmetrical Full Fibre service

The UK is seeing a strong growth in the adoption of Internet-enabled devices, with each household in the UK now having several different types of device.

With all these devices in households competing for the same bandwidth, it’s never been more important to offer customers a service that is reliable, fast and future proofed to handle the continued growing demand.

Created to service the needs of data-hungry house-holders, we provide Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) via our Residential FTTH service. With a choice of symmetrical 160Mbps, 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps pure fibre optic connectivity bandwidths, we deliver the fastest speeds, improved connection resilience and the ability to future-proof services.

At a glance


  • 160Mbps, 1Gb or 2.5Gbps Symmetrical Full Fibre
  • No minimum term contract
  • Unlimited usage
  • Standard CityFibre profiles
  • 6 day standard install lead time
  • Monday to Friday install
  • Repair by end of next working day
  • Order via API or our portal
  • 10Gb ENNI handover

Local and National

Interconnect Options

There are two ways in which you can connect with our FTTH services to suit your business needs:

  • Local Access - for ISPs that already have an established presence in specific exchanges wishing to maximise their return on investment
  • National Access - For ISPs who want to access our national FTTH footprint from one handover location

ISPs are also able to deploy a hybrid approach, taking a combination of Local and National Access, to suit their network architecture and roll-out strategies.

Product Benefits

Symmetrical Service

We offer true full fibre symmetrical services in multiple bandwidths, up to 2.5Gbps. It's different, as other suppliers of residential FTTP/FTTH provide a copper hybrid asymmetric service. What you buy from us is what you get, we do not throttle your service, so you can be confident your customer gets what they sign up to.

Great Commercials

Having the latest connectivity technology is more affordable than ever, with highly competitive monthly rental prices. Our network has been architected to keep costs low and pricing keen, meaning you can get greater market penetration and faster ROI when onboarding new residential customers.

Enhanced Experience

The resilient architecture and pure glass fibre gives greater protection against service disruption, alongside significantly reduced latency and jitter compared to copper services. Leading to an enhanced customer experience for users. With greater customer experience comes vastly reduced inbound consumer service calls and complaints.

Future Proofing

Over 90% of households in Great Britain have homes on ADSL or FTTC and will need to switch to an alternative service when the PSTN network is turned off in 2025. Be part of future connectivity now and get ahead of the curve.

Full Fibre

How does FTTP differ from other broadband services?

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  • Copper Line Copper Line
  • Fibre Line


  • Our provisioning team and the power of our connected networks means we're able to provide greater visibility of order and implementation progress. Effectively owning the fibre in the ground also means we’re able to provide fiercely competitive pricing.

  • Yes, delivered across CityFibre's revolutionary Full Fibre Network.

  • Yes.

  • In an ever-expanding number of cities. Please see our network rollout to see where it's currently available.

  • We manage the access technology by splitting and continuing the pure fibre connection to no more than 32 customer premises.

  • ADSL is a full copper based broadband service. FTTC means that fibre-optic cables are run to the street cabinet but the final connection from the cabinet to the premises is left as copper. FTTP provides a fibre connection all the way along to the customer premises.

  • FTTH Local Access allows you to handover locally at any location where we have an existing CityFibre FEx (Fibre Exchange) and fibre footprint. It enables ISPs to maximise on their existing infrastructure investments.

    FTTH National Access allows you to handover nationally at one or more points of interconnect. As an alternative to Local Access, it offers a fast, simple way to serve homes across our entire footprint. Avoiding the need to invest in local presence across each fibre exchange area. Providing access to a much wider fibre ready residential footprint

  • We offer 160Mbps, 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps symmetrical services with our FTTH products.

  • The digital world we live in means there is increasing demand for data hungry devices within each household in the UK. From using smart phones to online gaming, the devices linked to the internet are ever-growing. FTTP ensures a fast, reliable and future proofed service.

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