Poll: Should ISPs tackle copyright infringement and extremism by filtering content?

15 January 2014

In a recent article we talked about the UK government’s approach to ‘Extremist Content’ and copyright infringement, warning of its suggested approach to protecting “young minds” and the public. In practically no time at all it has become quite clear that the fears surrounding imposed filtering requirements have become reality, with highly valued websites designed for sexual education, rape victim support and much much more being unsuitably blocked. Protecting people from harmful content is a great leap in the right direction but whose responsibility is it to ensure it doesn’t over step the mark into an Orwellian nightmare? When it comes to filtering there is a grey area where opinion can stride over logic if placed in the wrong hands… View the full article here : You can’t solve social problems with technology Let us know your thoughts by participating in our poll (to the right) or feel free to leave us a comment below.