Why have I received messages from CityFibre and Kellys?

Why have I received messages from CityFibre and Kellys?

If you've recently purchased full fibre, your broadband provider may be using the CityFibre network

Broadband providers including Vodafone, TalkTalk, Zen, Giganet and many others, offer full fibre broadband through the CityFibre network. Once you order a full fibre package through a broadband provider, they will supply CityFibre with your details so that we can arrange the installation of your new full fibre broadband onto our network.

Kellys are one of CityFibre's installation partners, they are experts when it comes to installing our network from your street into your property. Our installation partners will be in touch to remind you about the installation appointment.

For more information on CityFibre installations visit our Install page, for any further queries, please contact your broadband provider.

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