Zybre / Air Broadband FAQ's

Check availability

You can check to see which providers you can switch to on our network by using the postcode checker.

  • We’re CityFibre, the all fibre network used by your broadband provider Zybre/Air Broadband. We sent you correspondence to inform you that due to circumstances outside of our control, your Zybre/Air Broadband service may cease shortly.

    If you have placed a recent order with Zybre/Broadband it is unlikely that they will be able to provide you with a service and your Zybre/Air Broadband installation will not go ahead.

  • We are continuously working to ensure as least disruption as possible to your service. Please reboot your router to see if service restores.

    If rebooting your router does not restore service, please also reboot the power on your ONT box (the box on the wall).

    If you are unsuccessful in restoring your service please email support@zybre.co.uk

  • It is possible that your Zybre/Air Broadband service may cease to work shortly. CityFibre will continue to provide Zybre/Air Broadband customers with connectivity in the short term for as long as possible but please note service continuity through Zybre is not fully in CityFibre’s control.

  • If you currently have Zybre/Air Broadband, you are already connected to the CityFibre network. You may wish to stay with Zybre, or if this is no longer a choice for you, you can stay on CityFibre’s network through a wide range of broadband providers. Simply click here, enter your postcode to find out which broadband providers are available in your area and choose the best deal for you.

  • We recommend you review your Zybre/Air Broadband contract to understand what steps you need to take to cancel your broadband service.

  • We can assure you that Zybre/Air Broadband’s issues have nothing to do with the performance of CityFibre’s network which continues to operate as normal.

  • Currently the Zybre’s Customer Service team is not available over the phone, however Zybre have advised us that they are responding to email. Please email your enquiry to support@zybre.co.uk

  • If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can call our Customer Service team on 0800 083 6160 and we will try to help, however please note that we are not a broadband provider.