Switch and Connect £150 Terms and Conditions

Switch and Connect £150 Terms and Conditions

1. The CityFibre Switch & Connect promotion (the “Promotion”) is being promoted by CityFibre Limited having its registered office at 15 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HE (“CityFibre”).

2. These Terms and Conditions shall govern the Promotion which for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions is also referenced as ‘Switch & Connect’.

3. This Promotion is only open to new customers across the UK where CityFibre’s network is available, aged 18+ only, who have received communications from CityFibre regarding the Switch & Connect programme.

4. The Promotion is available only to new prospective customers who are not currently on the CityFibre network. The offer is available on a property address basis and only to the addressed addressee. The Promotion is not open to existing customers who are already connected to the CityFibre network.

5. To qualify for the Reward (defined below), you must: (i) register for the Promotion via email at the web address stated in the communications regarding the Switch & Connect programme (“Registration”); (ii) subsequently achieve a Connection (defined below) on the CityFibre network on or before 90 days following Registration. The Reward (defined below) will become due to Participant once Participant has been connected to the CityFibre network for 30 days following Connection.

6. After successful Registration, you will become a “Participant” and you will be given a unique web link on the Switch & Connect platform and via a confirmation email which you can use to access CityFibre’s online availability checker.

7. Upon clicking the unique web link, the Participant will need to input their postcode and address into the availability checker to see which of CityFibre’s broadband provider partners (if any) can offer a service on the CityFibre network at Participant’s address. Please note that not all addresses will be served by CityFibre’s network and so this Promotion is subject to the geographical availability of CityFibre’s network.

8. Where broadband provider partners are available to offer a service on the CityFibre network at Participant’s address, Participant must then purchase a connection with one of the broadband provider partners via the unique web link (a “Purchase”). Please note that Participant may incur charges from their existing broadband provider for switching providers if Participant is still under contract with their existing provider. Participant should seek further information from their existing broadband provider.

9. Once Participant has made a Purchase, arrangements will be made by CityFibre to install Participant’s new broadband Connection. Once successfully installed and live on the CityFibre network, Participant will be deemed to have achieved a “Connection”. Participant must achieve a Connection on or before 90 days following Registration with the Participant being connected to the CityFibre network for 30 days during this period.

10. The Participant will be deemed to have a “Qualifying Connection” once Participant has been connected to the CityFibre network for 30 days following Connection. The Reward (defined below) will become due to Participant once Participant has achieved a Qualifying Connection. CityFibre shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure that the Reward (defined below) will be issued within 60 days of a Participant achieving a Qualifying Connection, with the Participant receiving an email containing a link notification to claim their Reward (defined below).

11. Please note that, whilst CityFibre will endeavour to facilitate Connection in timely fashion, there may be technical and/or geographical restrictions which delay Connection and subsequently, the date Participant achieves a Qualifying Connection. Participant is therefore encouraged to make a Purchase soon after Registration to allow time for a Connection to be achieved prior to the deadline.

12. The standard reward is £150 which may, at the discretion of CityFibre, be offered as a digital voucher for PayPal or Amazon (the “Reward”). The digital voucher shall be for the Participant only. For the avoidance of doubt, no cash or alternative prizes are available, and the Participant is bound by any associated third party terms and conditions attached to such Reward. The offer will be awarded to the email address provided at registration. No other email may be used for the Promotion.

13. For a Qualifying Connection to be valid, the Participant’s residential address cannot have already placed an order with a CityFibre broadband provider partner or have an existing live connection to CityFibre’s network.

14. This Promotion is subject to availability. CityFibre reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the Promotion and / or review and revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving prior notice and by continuing to take part in the Promotion subsequent to any revision of these Terms & Conditions it shall be deemed that the Participant has agreed to any such new or amended terms.

15. For the avoidance of doubt, in instances where you do not qualify for the Promotion and CityFibre are in receipt of your contract end date with another provider, the Promotion period remains the same and you will not be able to take advantage of the Promotion if your contract with current provider expires after this period.

16. This Promotion is only valid for residential customers only. Business customers are excluded.

17. A Participant is only eligible to claim the Reward once at each residential address.

18. Data supplied by a Participant during the course of this Promotion will only be processed as set out by CityFibre’s Privacy Policy available at cityfibre.com/privacy-statement.

19. CityFibre will withhold Rewards where there are reasonable grounds to suspect fraudulent activity, abuse, and/or an error. All decisions made by CityFibre are final and binding.

20. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English Law and entrants to the Promotion submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts.

21. This Promotion is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Amazon or PayPal.