Our Ethernet Network

Learn about our Ethernet network.

Our Ethernet Network

Our wholesale Full Fibre Ethernet service on our own independent network is currently available to channel partners across 28 towns and cities with 60 projects already underway. Beyond our own CityFibre infrastructure, we continue to support you and your customers through our actively managed relationships with other carriers.

Our nationwide Ethernet availability

Our Ethernet footprint is growing fast with many more towns and cities coming online

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24/7 monitoring

Powerful interfaces

For us, it’s about keeping our partners in the know and giving their customers every reason to stay. That’s why our APIs are constantly evolving to enable our ISP partners to access accurate information about the status of our network and the performance of their own services. By providing rich ‘on demand’ information, we aim to help partners reduce ongoing service costs and strengthen their customers’ loyalty.

Peering relationships

We’ve partnered with over 900 firms across Europe to ensure that you can connect to a quarter of the Internet without passing through a transit connection.

Our partners include Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Sky, Akamai, Janet, BBC, BT, Virgin, LONAP and LINX.

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