Ultrafast 821.70Mbps speed test wins Gigler's April competition - a guest blog from Gigler


Ultrafast 821.70Mbps speed test wins Gigler's April competition - a guest blog from Gigler

8 May 2013

Last week saw the close of our competition calling for Gigler customers to post their fastest speed tests to our Gigler Forum.

With Ofcom research noting that the average speed of residential fixed-line broadband in the UK is only 12Mbps, we asked our Gigler customers to brag about the superfast (up to 1,000Mbps) speeds they receive every day with their Gigler connection! The winning entry had a download speed of 821.70Mbps, over 68x faster than the UK’s average!

Our Gigler UK YouTube Channel includes videos of various Gigler speed tests. Why not watch a couple to see for yourself? Our latest video taken today shows a speed test with a 863.22Mpbs download speed and a 198.86Mbps upload speed!

What’s most important to us at Gigler however, is what our customers can achieve with these speeds and the difference that they make to their online experience. Customer feedback regarding Gigler’s speeds has been exceptional and our YouTube Channel also features videos of Gigler customers including Alan L and Barbi D explaining how Gigler has greatly improved the way that they use the Internet.

A recent customer survey highlighted just how much these speeds are transforming our users’ online experiences. Over 55% of those surveyed are now watching more TV and films online than they could before, 24% have started to use online backup and 34.5% are now able to work from home. One home worker has at least three computers running throughout most of the day, and has noticed big improvements compared with their previous provider. The service is also very popular with the gaming community, with one gamer able to play games much better due to the very low latency and ping times (110ms instead of 215ms ping times).

However, as also seen with Google Fiber in Kansas City, some customers do not wish to use new services yet or want to find new uses for the Internet. Instead, what is key to them is simply how our services are making it much faster, easier and enjoyable to use the websites and social media sites that they used before. Imagine how much of a difference it would make to you if you never had to wait for videos to buffer or for pages to load ever again. With upload speeds up to 500Mbps, our customers are uploading videos to YouTube and photos to Facebook in a matter of seconds!

With 83% of customers believing that Gigler is better or much better than their previous broadband service, it is clear that faster speeds are resulting in much better online experiences for users. The way that we use the web is changing – and fast.