The sense of possibility is infectious

The sense of possibility is infectious

3 December 2020

Deciding to leave my previous employer after 14 years and in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, was both a terrifying and exciting prospect. But, five months of working from home during the first national lockdown made me realise that it really was time to move on, and I found myself starting my new job with CityFibre at the beginning of October.

A week before I joined, The CityFibre Way video had appeared on LinkedIn and I was even more excited to start, but, coming from an HR background, I have to admit to being a tad sceptical – in my experience, an organisation’s view of what the culture is does not always align with what its employees think!

One month later, and with The CityFibre Way workshops happening across the organisation, I can already confirm it is real. People back each other. Without exception, everyone has taken time out to help me when I need it. I’ve been welcomed to ‘the family’ many times by people throughout the organisation, at all levels, both in person and virtually.

The sense of excitement, pace and possibility is infectious. People act fast and work hard and you can tell they love it.

Now we have entered a second national lockdown and once again many of us are working from home, but I feel more positive about this one – I’m part of this great team.

Josie Guynan

Project Co-ordinator