Sheffield now one of the best connected areas in the UK with thousands of homes ready for Full Fibre broadband

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Sheffield now one of the best connected areas in the UK with thousands of homes ready for Full Fibre broadband

16 March 2022

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People in the Castlebeck, Manor and Richmond areas of Sheffield can now access some of the fastest internet services available thanks to the full fibre network CityFibre is delivering as part of a £115m investment in the city.

CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform has now completed its full fibre network rollout in these areas and homes have been designated ‘ready for service.’

This means residents can now choose to connect to the fastest and most reliable internet services in the UK as and when they go live in their area. In Sheffield, Gigabit services are currently available from Pure Broadband. Across the UK, CityFibre is working with launch partner Vodafone to deliver next generation broadband services, as well as TalkTalk, with others expected to join the network soon.

The completion of Castlebeck, Manor and Richmond marks another milestone in CityFibre’s £115m project, which aims to future-proof Sheffield by ensuring its digital infrastructure is able to support residents’, businesses’ and services’ growing data consumption in an increasingly online world.

Work is also close to completion in Park Hill and Tinsley. Once the full rollout has been completed, almost every home and business will have access to full fibre broadband.

Speaking of this latest milestone, Natalie Ward, CityFibre’s City Manager for Sheffield said: “We’re delighted to be giving people in Sheffield all the benefits our network has to offer, and we would like to thank the residents in the area who have been extremely patient with us as we have built our infrastructure.

“We’ve made really strong progress so far and before too long we’ll be able to give everyone in the area the opportunity to connect to our network, unlocking unbeatable homeworking, entertainment and a reliable service. Sheffield has long been recognised as a leading industrial city and the digital and creative sector has grown faster than elsewhere in the UK.”

Unlike many of the copper-based ‘fibre broadband’ services available today, full fibre networks use 100% fibre optic cables to carry data at light speed all the way from the home to the point of connection. This gives users consistently faster speeds for upload and download (up to 1,000 Mbps), near limitless bandwidth and connectivity users can depend on.

A full fibre connection also goes far beyond simply enabling accessing to the latest entertainment at lightning speed. As an essential digital utility, full fibre boosts households and businesses alike, with experts saying it will drive a range of economic benefits, such as making us more productive and innovative.

Residents interested in giving their home broadband a boost can find out more about the build and register their interest here.

Telent is delivering the construction programme on CityFibre’s behalf with a workforce that has been recruited locally. CityFibre’s aim is for the build to be substantially completed by 2026.