Powerful connections between people

Powerful connections between people

1 December 2020

The cityfibre way

That unknown number ringing into my mobile and I had a split second to decide whether to accept the call or to reject it!

Twenty minutes later, and I am impressed by the quality, and the direction of the call, in fact I felt really connected. The professionalism of James, a Resourcing Business Partner in CityFibre HR, and his sincere interest in my background and current circumstances had left a good first impression, he listened to me! I began to mirror James' enthusiasm, and dug a bit deeper, to conduct some research into CityFibre. A company I had never heard of before now. Vaguely remembering that this would have been one of the many job listings I had applied for since being furloughed, and then made redundant from my previous place of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I waited in anticipation for CityFibre’s next call. In the interim, I had been offered another position with a group to work in a different sector, but I was left feeling disappointed, like I’d come 2nd place in a race. DNA (Destiny Not Affected), that second call did come. Later, I sat in my car during a windy and wet lunch break, an interview via Microsoft Teams with James and Charlie, Build Resourcing Lead Partner. I was ecstatic when I was invited to take the new position of Build Resourcing Coordinator - whoopy!

Within a week, my HR pack, new laptop, and mobile phone had arrived, and my home working set up was complete. Now I was taking my first steps into ‘The CityFibre Way’. The welcome and back up support I have received from HR, IT, Marketing, Finance, Training, Onboarding, and the Build Partner Resourcing teams to name but a few, has been consistently exceptional! I’m still impressed, my suggestions and point of view are still listened to, and I am enjoying the role immensely. In just under three months, the team I am a part of has grown, we are evolving rapidly and already achieving great success. ‘The CityFibre Way’ embedded like DNA is inspiring and a challenge, but I feel like I won the race after all and got first place. Thank you, Charlie, and CityFibre for the opportunity.

Ceris Wisdish

Build Resourcing Coordinator