Marlor Tooling: Gigabit connection underpins manufacturing leader’s expansion

Marlor Tooling: Gigabit connection underpins manufacturing leader’s expansion

10 March 2015


Marlor Tooling is one of the UK’s top six companies specialising in manufacturing and refurbishing engineering cutting tools. Based in Maxwell Road, Peterborough, it employs 32 staff and has an annual turnover approaching £3million. Recognising that his business processes and expanding workforce were increasingly reliant upon digital capabilities, managing director Kevin Taylor joined the Yes2Fibre campaign in 2013, lobbying for better connectivity for businesses in Peterborough.


As a successful, fast growing business, Marlor Tooling plans to capitalise on recent growth with a substantial expansion strategy, opening new offices and taking on new staff and projects throughout the country. Mr Taylor wanted to be able to look to the future without worrying about limitations to their digital capabilities. He wanted to ensure Marlor Tooling was equipped with digital infrastructure to support them as they grow. He said: "We wanted gigabit-speed internet connectivity to future-proof our business. We're looking to expand nationwide and all our IT would be based in Peterborough. “Some of our staff also work from home occasionally and as we expand the sales force, people need to have confidence in the infrastructure. It's important to us to integrate all the systems and ensure capacity is there for the future.”


Marlor Tooling connected to the Peterborough CORE at the earliest opportunity. Signing up for a complete service package via service provider Businesscoms, they now have an ultra-fast pure fibre connection straight into their business premises. With gigabit speed connectivity to underpin their business processes, Marlor Tooling can move forward with their expansion plans with full confidence that they have the infrastructure to support them. Their Peterborough office will act as the IT hub, supporting locations nationwide. They can make the most of cloud based internet services and VOIP phones, so that CRM and phone systems across all their sites are joined up. Mr Taylor commented: “It was very quick and easy to get connected and we've had no problems at all - almost like flicking a switch. It makes the internet so much faster. “There was a lot of excitement in the office and when we were first connected it was the topic of conversation every day - just how much better things were. The only thing is now that ultra-fast has become the norm, staff don’t even notice it! We could never go back now." For more information on how ultra-fast connectivity can benefit your business, register your interest today at