LV=Streetwise joins the fibre revolution in Bournemouth

LV=Streetwise joins the fibre revolution in Bournemouth

17 July 2013

Pioneering local broadband provider, Gigler, supports safety education charity with free Gigabit speed broadband

Bournemouth-based safety education charity, LV=Streetwise, is joining the growing number of happy customers enjoying Gigabit speed broadband over the UK’s largest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network, thanks to network owner, CityFibre, and its service provider Gigler.

Gigler, the UK’s fastest internet service provider, offers Gigabit speeds up to 100x the UK’s average over CityFibre’s pure fibre network in Bournemouth. Providing a free service to LV=Streetwise is part of its on-going commitment to the local community and its vision to transform the town into a ‘Gigabit City’.

“We are delighted that Gigler is supporting LV=Streetwise. Not only has the service enabled us to save crucial funds that we can invest back into the work that we do, but our work days have been improved beyond measure by having a Gigabit speed internet connection,” says Alison Shelton, Manager at LV=Streetwise.

“Our staff and volunteers are much more efficient and happier in their work and all our previous internet pain has been relieved. We used to suffer forced breaks in productivity whilst our old internet connection struggled to cope, but with Gigler we are now using cloud based applications including data back up and performing website updates within seconds. Event organisers and delegates using our centre really appreciate the consistently high connection speed when using our free WiFi service too. We cannot imagine ever going back to a slower service now we’ve experienced Gigabit speeds.”

Greg Mesch, Chief Executive Officer at CityFibre commented: “CityFibre has invested heavily in the town of Bournemouth to transform it into a ‘Gigabit City’ - enabling the public sector, businesses and residents to benefit from the power of Gigabit speeds. LV=Streetwise performs an incredible local service providing safety education to the children of Bournemouth and across Dorset. We are delighted to support them with a free Gigler service and we are very pleased that they value the connection we have provided so highly.

“We currently have over 21,000 properties in Bournemouth now able to take our Gigler service, including a large number of local businesses able to benefit from gigabit speeds. Like LV=Streetwise, once they experience working over our pure fibre network they’ll never want to go back. Gigabit speed connectivity transforms the way that businesses operate, and residents’ internet experience in the home. We look forward to seeing even more businesses and residents joining the fibre revolution in Bournemouth soon!”


CityFibre Media Contact: Maggie Zaboura Zaboura Consultancy Ltd T. 020 7297 3371 E.

About LV=Streetwise LV=Streetwise is a safety education charity that aims to teach children how to stay safe using hands-on interactive role play in road, fire, home and railway scenarios. Its award-winning, life sized, indoor ‘village’ makes the scenarios as realistic as possible and the exciting and memorable interactive Safety Tours enable children to easily apply the learning in their everyday life. LV=Streetwise gives children a head start in their safety education, supporting parents and schools in providing them with essential skills for life.

About CityFibre CityFibre ( is one of the UK’s leading fibre optic infrastructure providers. By building dedicated fibre optic networks for the public and private sectors, we empower data-hungry users throughout the country, by unleashing unlimited speeds on future-proofed technology.

Our transformational fibre infrastructure projects comprise point-to-point connections, metro rings and Fibre-to-the-Premises networks that make possible Next Generation Access and gigabit level services direct to local authorities, businesses and homes.

CityFibre manages over 100 private fibre projects and seven separate metropolitan fibre networks under long-term contract with local authorities, police forces, healthcare organisations and universities. With almost 30,000km of fibre in the ground, connecting more than 350 sites and data centres across the UK, we are the country’s largest independent provider of fibre in secondary cities.

In Bournemouth, CityFibre owns the largest FTTH project in the UK. With over 21,000 homes ready for service, the network enables service providers to deliver unprecedented superfast broadband with speeds of up to one gigabit per second.

About Gigler Gigler is a new Internet Service Provider, starting in Bournemouth, of a new breed of fibre optic broadband service. Believing that everyone should enjoy the best possible broadband service whenever they use the web, Gigler has launched just one exciting product. Gigler Fibre Broadband offers up to 1Gigabit per second download (100x UK average) and up to 500Mbps upload (200x UK average), as well as less than 5ms latency. (+3x better than UK average). For more information on Gigler’s services visit