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Guest blog from Hello Voice


Guest blog from Hello Voice

16 June 2015

Hello Voice - proud partner of the Peterborough CORE

Hello Voice is proud to announce that it has become an official partner of the Peterborough CORE, supplying gigabit services to Peterborough-based companies. Hello Voice is a well-established, local company that offers the added value of outstanding support and SLAs companies need to run a professional, efficient and secure business. Say Hello to a local, award-winning company with years of experience in business grade connectivity; and because Hello Voice is a local company it provides the personal support and reassurance companies need to join the data revolution. Hello offers a wide variety of communications solutions, ranging from traditional voice systems and lines to cloud-based VoIP services and data circuits, which are reliable, cost-effective and designed to meet the needs of all businesses. Hello Voice strives to be at the forefront of voice technology and endeavours to ensure that clients are always properly equipped and confident in embracing new technology. Peterborough-based businesses can now fully benefit from hosted technology, thanks to the Peterborough CORE, a new state-of-the-art pure fibre network, installed by CityFibre. Hello’s award-winning Contrex business VoIP service is a complete managed replacement of traditional business phone system with identical call quality and performance. However Contrex features the added flexibility and functionality introduced by Hello’s Next Generation Networks technology to enhance business efficiency and simplify phone system management. Steve Jansky, Hello CEO, added “Peterborough businesses now have a fantastic opportunity to benefit from superb connectivity that usually only large corporates can afford. We look forward to helping local companies take their first steps in accessing one of the fastest internet connectivity hubs in the world.” Tel 01733 715000 Asset House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough PE3 6SR