Future Business Centre Peterborough

Future Business Centre Peterborough

4 March 2016

Ultra-fast connection helps create a hub for positive impact innovation

Allia Future Business Centre offers serviced office space and support to businesses and individuals in Peterborough, helping them to make a positive impact on people, planet or place through enterprise and innovation. The business centre provides affordable workspace, a vibrant and inspiring environment, and a network of expertise and support to help enterprises get off the ground and grow.


The Future Business Centre recognised that the digital needs of businesses are changing and they are increasingly dependent on a high capacity, reliable internet connection. In order to attract and retain innovative and creative businesses the centre needed reliable internet connectivity to provide a service that was fit for purpose and future proof.


Allia took over the building in May 2015 and began converting it to the Future Business Centre. They started sourcing an internet service provider who could meet the growing digital demand of all their tenants. In their research they found that CityFibre’s pure-fibre network not only passed directly outside their office but it also supported the fastest internet services in the city. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on. The Future Business Centre connected to CityFibre’s gigabit speed fibre network in Peterborough via local service provider GreenCity Solutions who also provided a VoIP phone system and Wifi service. Internet speeds are now as important as location and facilities when making a decision on where to move. The Future Business Centre is now able to market itself as a Gigabit business giving them a valuable USP against other business centres and helping them to attract a wide range of business types. Existing tenants are already seeing the benefits of speeds of up to 1000Mbps at no additional cost. With access to these speeds, new technologies and cloud services are helping them work more efficiently than ever before. The Future Business Centre is also able to offer ultra-fast internet to its conference and events visitors. The fully serviced meeting rooms now have the added feature of internet speeds of up to a gigabit as standard. Large numbers of simultaneous users at an event is no longer an issue and video conferencing has become both a practical and highly utilised solution.

“Gigabit internet not only helps us support our existing tenants’ current and future bandwidth needs, it’s also a fantastic selling point for us to attract new tenants and visitors to the centre. Our tenants and visitors are delighted to be able to come into the offices and access ultra-fast speeds usually only available for the largest companies with the deepest pockets.” Gareth Jones, Centre Manager