Full fibre is now available to the vast majority of homes in Chichester

Full fibre is now available to the vast majority of homes in Chichester

27 June 2024

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Over 12,000 homes and businesses in Chichester are now able to access some of the fastest and most reliable internet services available in the UK, as CityFibre’s network build fast approaches around 85% coverage of the city.

CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre network, has now completed most of its rollout in the area and homes have been designated ‘ready for service.’ This means residents can now choose to connect to the best available digital connectivity, once live in their area.

CityFibre’s Chichester rollout also includes the areas of Fishbourne and Stockbridge, as well as other businesses and housing estates on the outskirts of the city. CityFibre will continue to explore opportunities to reach more sites including new build properties, multi-dwelling units, homes on private or unadopted roads and business parks.

This is the latest milestone in CityFibre’s Chichester project, as it aims to future-proof communications networks for generations to come, to support growing data consumption in an increasingly online world.

Speaking of the project, Adrian Smith, CityFibre’s Partnership Manager for Chichester said: “We’re really pleased to have brought our full fibre networks to the vast majority of homes and businesses in Chichester. This means even more people now have the opportunity to join our network and unlock the benefits of full fibre connectivity.”

Full fibre networks use 100% fibre optics to carry data at light-speed all the way to and from the home and are more than five time more reliable than legacy copper-based broadband. CityFibre’s network currently supports symmetrical speeds of up to 2.5Gbps, both uploading and downloading. That is over 36 times faster than the UK’s average download speeds of 69.4Mbps and more than 136 times faster than the UK’s average upload speed of 18.4Mbps.

While the speed and reliability of these services far exceeds those using old copper-based networks, packages are available from a wide variety of service providers at competitive prices.

In Chichester, customers can already connect to the new network and benefit from full fibre-enabled broadband from a choice of eighteen providers, including Vodafone, TalkTalk, Cuckoo (previously Giganet), IDNet and Zen.

People interested in upgrading their home’s digital connection to full fibre can find out more about the build, register their interest or identify available providers at www.cityfibre.com.