Enabling Fantoo’s growth and product innovation with ultrafast internet connectivity

Enabling Fantoo’s growth and product innovation with ultrafast internet connectivity

19 April 2018

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Fantoo, based at the Lightbox Bracknell, are an ambitious and growing tech business, developing solutions to improve personal productivity in the workplace. Fantoo, a start-up business since 2014, created a cloud-based solution using advance analytics, that enables commercial customers to streamline their messages into actions and thus reduce the inefficiencies of information overload. The solution was released to the market on December 2017 and will be available through their channel partners in early 2018.


Everything at Fantoo is cloud-based. Whether for service management, training, video or developer tools, communicating via the internet is essential for daily activity at Fantoo. After an office relocation to the Lightbox in Bracknell, connectivity quickly emerged as an issue. With only a capacity-constrained ADSL connection available, Fantoo were forced to restrict their online activity to the absolute minimum, severely hampering their product development.


When BtL, lead CityFibre partner in the Thames Valley, presented the CityFibre full-fibre network as an alternative to the usual suspects, Fantoo quickly snapped up the ultrafast internet service.

“The ADSL connection we were on just simply wasn’t practical,” said Mark Buckley, Chief Sales Officer at Fantoo. “We were at a key stage of our product development process and we needed seamless and fast access to all our online tools. The CityFibre connection, delivered to us by BtL, has given us that freedom again, to use the internet to its fullest extent to help us innovate our personal productivity solutions.”

Alongside the speed of the connection, it was the service and delivery capability of CityFibre and BtL that really stood out for praise.

“It was a complicated installation, with a number of different land owners along the planned route from the CityFibre core network to our building,” said Mark, “but despite the practical issues, CityFibre and BtL did all they could to get our connection installed as quickly as possible. The communication throughout this time was exceptional. We felt treated with care and expertise and knew, even when there were inconvenient delays due to legal disputes, exactly what was happening and when the situation would be resolved. I can’t imagine how much of an effort this would have taken with incumbent network providers. We could still be waiting for our ultrafast connection now!”

With a full-fibre connection delivering ultrafast speeds, Fantoo are now reaping the benefits of their bandwidth haven.

“As we scale and add users, we’ll be adding more and more resources into our cloud environment,” said Mark. “Having the gigabit connection allows us to have unhindered access now whatever our demands are in the future. It’s such a relief to know we’ve got our internet connectivity sorted for good.”

Working in partnership with BtL, CityFibre is providing gigabit speed, ultrafast connectivity to Bracknell and other cities in the Thames Valley. If you’d like to see if your business can take advantage of a full-fibre connection, visit cityfibre.com/connect.

To learn more about Fantoo, visit their website at fantoo.net