Dial A Geek and The Firestation improve reliability and cloud service delivery through full-fibre connectivity

Dial A Geek and The Firestation improve reliability and cloud service delivery through full-fibre connectivity

15 March 2018

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Founded in 2007, Dial A Geek is one of Bristol’s leading IT and business support service companies. Located just south of the River Avon in Bristol city centre, Dial A Geek work alongside businesses of all sizes to provide a cost-effective and manageable support solution. In 2016, Dial A Geek were named a finalist for the ‘Customer Service’ prize at the Bristol Post Awards.


Dial A Geek are based out of a shared office space called ‘The Firestation’. The building, which is home to four other businesses including a graphic design company, record label and charity, relied on bandwidth-constrained, copper, FTTC connections through BT Openreach. A Virgin FTTC solution was also installed for use as a failover by the building owner.

Unfortunately, despite the diversity of networking, reliability of internet access was always an issue for tenants of ‘The Firestation.’ Gildas Jones, Director at Dial A Geek, commented, “It was a real struggle with our old connections. For one reason or another, at least once every two months, sometimes every month, the connections would just drop out and we’d be forced to switch to the back-up solution. But that too was unreliable. We’d find ourselves switching from one connection to another all too frequently. It just became a hassle. Even when they were running, the speeds were only barely adequate, especially on upload.”


When the opportunity for ultrafast, gigabit-speed connectivity arose through the partnership of Triangle Networks and CityFibre, Dial A Geek were delighted to lead the case for the installation of the full-fibre connection into ‘The Firestation.’

Gildas Jones said, “once everything was signed, the whole installation of the full-fibre into our premises went very smoothly. From initial planning through to the physical build, everything was carried out according to the timeline and routes agreed. Our landlord also commented on how pleased he was with the tidiness and professionalism of the CityFibre civil engineering.”

Going forward, Dial A Geek are already appreciating how the reliable, high-bandwidth internet service has impacted communication and service execution across the business.

Gildas Jones added, “everything we do at Dial A Geek is going to the cloud. The low-latency of the CityFibre connection is ideal and allows us to create a consistent and reliable experience for our clients and staff. Our expanding service support teams are now relying on the internet for more of their activity, through video conferencing, VOIP, and remote access to client’s servers, so it was essential we took care of our connectivity for good.”

Dial A Geek have been so impressed with the impact of full-fibre, they’ve already started promoting the Triangle and CityFibre partnership out to its network of clients. The first of Dial A Geek’s customers will go-live in March 2018.

Working in partnership with Triangle, CityFibre is providing gigabit speed, ultrafast connectivity to Bristol. If you’d like to see if your business can take advantage of a full-fibre connection, visit cityfibre.com/connect.

To learn more about Dial A Geek, visit their website at www.dialageek.co.uk