CityFibre’s diverse fibre link is the key to Bytemark’s new data centre in York

14 March 2013

York-based internet firm, Bytemark, has made a significant investment and set up its own data centre in York, supported by a pure fibre diverse link built and operated by CityFibre.

Already renting space in data centres in London and Manchester, a key factor in Bytemark’s selection for the location of its new data centre was CityFibre’s pure fibre network, already established in York. CityFibre will ensure that connectivity to Bytemark’s new data centre is highly resilient and physically diverse, by providing an extensive multi-gigabit capable dark fibre network between Bytemark’s new data centre and its core network infrastructure. Diversity was a key requirement for Bytemark, who need to ensure maximum service availability for its growing customer base. CityFibre’s solution will ensure that customers experience no service down-time or outages and have access to their critical data at all times, with the finest data centre connectivity available. The dark fibre solution has also provided Bytemark with complete control over the network services they wish to run. CityFibre’s proposition is not bound by the association between bandwidth and cost, therefore whether Bytemark decides to run speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps – its monthly cost will remain the same.

Bytemark’s new data centre can accommodate several thousand servers, more than doubling its current capacity. As Bytemark’s needs change over time, the future-proofed, scalable dark fibre solution will enable it to easily upgrade its services.

Peter Taphouse, operations director at Bytemark, commented: “Selecting CityFibre was an easy decision to make, as its dedicated fibre solution means that we can enjoy a highly resilient diverse connectivity solution with virtually limitless bandwidth to meet the growing data demands of our business.”

Rob Hamlin, director of business development at CityFibre, added: “By implementing a dark fibre solution, Bytemark can take complete control over the crucial service that this diverse link provides for its business as this scalable solution gives them the freedom and flexibility it will need to grow the business and exceed future customer demands. We are delighted that our fibre network was the key factor for Bytemark in selecting the location of its new data centre and will further re-enforce York’s position as a truly digital city.”

This project marks another key step in CityFibre’s goal to spark the next generation of connectivity services for York’s business community, via The York CORE, which seeks to provide York’s businesses with high-quality and ultrafast business connectivity over CityFibre’s pure fibre network.

Bytemark’s new data centre will be fully operational with the diverse link in place by the end of May 2013.


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