CityFibre has given me a new level of self-belief


CityFibre has given me a new level of self-belief

4 February 2021

I have been with CityFibre just over a year and I must say...WHAT AN ORGANISATION!!!!

This has been without doubt the best working year of my entire career, even with an ongoing global pandemic.

From meeting with Greg Mesch, our inspirational CEO, at CityFlix – CityFibre’s induction for new joiners, where I received a large glass of motivation and working with a variety of great teams where everyone shares a common goal and backs each other!!

I have met LOTS of great people and shared some brilliant experiences. My career progression has been RAPID and CityFibre have really invested in me and seen my potential, where others previously hadn’t. This I am really grateful for as it has given me a whole new level of self-belief.

I would recommend CityFibre to absolutely everyone both within and outside of the telecommunications industry, they truly are an amazing company and look after every employee. You are definitely more than just an employee number. I could go on and on about all the great things I have experienced but I would run out of space…

…so, I will close with a statement of absolute gratitude to my organisation and everyone I have shared experiences with. Be that whilst I have been in the field or enjoying the online magic show CityFibre held to celebrate the end of year holidays!

Adam Alwill

City Planner