My install wasn't completed, what happens next?

My install wasn't completed, what happens next?

Sometimes unexpected issues might cause a delay to the installation of your full fibre connection

Whilst most installations are straightforward, on occasion our engineers may come up against unexpected delays and issues. If this happens, our engineers will work with our support teams to resolve the issues as quickly as possible to connect your service.

Typical installation delays might include clearing a blockage in our underground ducts through which our fibre cables flow or resolving an aerial issue with telegraph poles. If for example, we need to obtain permission from local authorities for emergency work (e.g., where a cable has been damaged) or locate additional equipment or teams to undertake any specialist works, this may then result in a delay to your service going live.

Where we have been unable to complete an installation for any reason (including those mentioned above), we will contact your chosen broadband provider to confirm the reason for the delay, we will then keep them updated with the progress to resolve the issue.

For any information related to installations and for service updates whilst we work on resolving identified issues, please contact your broadband provider, they will have the most up-to-date information and any next steps that may be required.

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