CityFibre are digging in my street, what are you doing?

CityFibre are digging in my street, what are you doing?

CityFibre is rolling out the UK’s most advanced broadband network to 8 million homes and businesses nationwide.

With permission from local councils, we build the network in your streets – creating underground pipe networks and using telegraph poles to bring full fibre broadband within reach of homes and businesses.

To install the network, we need to do some construction work on your street which may include digging to lay the new fibre cable. We use a range of construction methods and work typically lasts around two to three days outside each property.

Once the network is ready, CityFibre works with over 30 broadband providers who provide full fibre broadband packages to directly residents and businesses.

Take a look at our construction video to find out more.

You can also find out the exact permission details granted for work from your local council or by visiting the website.

Alternatively, the team working in your street will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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