We’ve won The Most Impactful Mentoring Programme 2022 by Mentorloop!

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We’ve won The Most Impactful Mentoring Programme 2022 by Mentorloop!

CityFibre's Award Winning Mentoring Programme

31 October 2022

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At CityFibre, we pride ourselves on helping our employees get the most out of their careers, whether they’re new to the sector or already have plenty of experience under their belts. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve won “The Most Impactful Mentoring Programme 2022” award by Mentorloop. The award means we’ve had a positive influence for our people, organisation, and community – most importantly it’s about creating accessible learning opportunities.

It was National Mentoring Day on the 27th October, so there’s never been a better time to shout about our amazing win. National Mentoring Day aims to educate, inspire, connect and support mentoring to effect positive change and elevate mentoring throughout the world.

We use Mentorloop, a mentoring platform that simplifies connecting with each other (not too dissimilar to our broadband!). It helps to strengthen relationships, share knowledge and best practice and enables us to deliver legendary service in everything we do - all whilst backing one another.

Now for some numbers...

  • Currently, we have a whopping 328 active employees participating in the programme.
  • Since we began the programme, 586 milestones have been reached as our employees navigate their mentoring relations, from matching to setting goals and so on.
  • 272 of our active employees found their mentor by actively searching the profiles of other CityFibre employees, rather than waiting for the AI to recommend people.
  • Our mentoring satisfaction score has consistently sat above the industry standard of 4.2 at 4.6 out of 5.

We spoke to our Learning and Development Manager, Cheryl Smith who had this to say about our mentoring programme: "This programme has enhanced career development across CityFibre, enabled our employees to build great relationships, it is diverse and inclusive and welcomes everyone to join, it has offered our new and early careers employees the opportunity to mentor upwards and has connected our CEO and many Senior Managers with emerging female talent across the business."

As for our employees? They've loved the experience!

"I have really enjoyed the mentoring program and meeting a new person within my company. I was very lucky in that my mentor is also a coach and so / found his approach and coaching very valuable in some of the decisions I have made."

Amanda Roberts, Senior Design Production Manager

"Beata is a fantastic mentee! She understands exactly how the mentor relationship needs to work, what she wants to get out of it and is extremely receptive to feedback and is proactive in following up on the things we discuss and her own investigations. I could not ask for a better mentee!"

Alex Cain, Head of Programme Director

"As the mentor, I was challenged to first build a relationship with my colleague, who I had interacted with but had not worked with in any direct way. Once over the hurdle of getting to know one another which happened quickly, I immediately began to think through ways to create visibility and access for my mentee, whether that be about career exploration or strengthening specific skill sets."

Francis Bird, Group HR Director

Learning with us isn’t just about classrooms or being sat behind a computer. As well as Mentorloop, we have training academies, apprenticeship programmes and so many other ways to learn new skills and see our employees grow within our company. Most of all, we bring people together from across the business to share knowledge and provide guidance. After all, we know a thing or two about the power of connections!