#BehindTheFibre with our SHE team

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#BehindTheFibre with our SHE team

One of the best aspects about working in Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is that no two days are the same

16 August 2023


Following on from our previous article where Chinyere, Laura and Megan shared their experience of working in SHE, we took the opportunity to find out more about the variety a working day might include.

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Left to right; Chinyere - SHE Advisor, Megan - SHE Policy & Standards Manager, Laura – SHE Advisor

“Communication is a massive part of what we do, no matter what the task is. So, whilst some might say an ‘audit day’ sounds uninspiring, it never is!” – Chinyere, SHE Advisor.

When we’re auditing sites, we’re never sitting behind a desk! We might be in a town, city or village, visiting various roads where our teams (known in the industry as ‘gangs’) are building. Yes, we’ll be checking things like barriers, signage, lighting, guarding and paperwork. We engage with those on-site teams and identifying the great work being done alongside any areas that require improvement and are always open to the teams sharing their experience and views too. Two-way communication is crucial for our jobs, and where possible we try and speak to members of public who use the roads we are working on daily, to gain further insight and pick up any concerns.

Another part of our job is reviewing unplanned events which thankfully are rare, but which always bring learning opportunities. For example, if there is an accident, we will do a root cause analysis to understand exactly what happened. We investigate these instances fully and review whether there is anything we can do to prevent this reoccurring in the future. We’re always looking to refine and continuously improve.

Megan, who has recently started a new role following a promotion, ensures our procedures and policies comply with legislation and are suitable for all involved. Sound like a desk job? Definitely not!

“I’m ensuring everything is fit for purpose, which means speaking to stakeholders and gangs on-site to understand the application of the legislations and making use of the wealth of knowledge available across the business”.

It’s a rewarding job where you can end your day knowing you have made a difference to peoples’ lives. Laura comments that “nothing is more important than returning home safe and well each day. And it’s not just the CityFibre staff that the team are protecting, it’s the build partners who are undertaking the physical works on our behalf and the communities in which we are working".

Our SHE team is doing everything they can to improve the lives of their colleagues and communities alike.