Planning for a fibre future

Our PMO team provides our Executive teams with a high-level view of our evolving organisation, setting out key business strategies, governance and process changes across all areas of CityFibre. The team anticipates and mitigates risk, delivers programme and project plans, as well as recommending and communicating changes to key stakeholders. Whether it’s moving our network connectivity into a whole new area or finding ways to improve our time, cost and quality metrics, our PMO team have it covered. All of this is done to ensure our business and customer initiatives are successful.

Our latest opportunities

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What does our PMO do at CityFibre?

There are many things that go into creating effective business plans and organising objectives so we can evolve and grow CityFibre. These include:

Drive insight

Creating business intelligence to drive business performance.

Push programme delivery

Creating project plans to deliver brilliantly across our commercial programmes for our customers.

Mitigate risk

Analysing data to identify and work with stakeholders to mitigate risk.

Communicate plans

Communicating, so everyone involved in projects is aware of what needs to be delivered and when by.

Monitor compliance

Assessing key processes to make sure everyone at CityFibre remains compliant.

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