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Customer Support

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It’s all about the people

Our Customer Support team is always ready to offer expert help and advice. Life shouldn’t slow down because of broadband. From resolving network issues to building positive relationships with suppliers, businesses and customers our team is always there to pick up the phone and ensure everyone gets to experience a life in full-flow.

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An opportunity to make a real connection

Connecting people is what we do. And we’d say, as the fastest-growing fibre network in the UK, that we’re pretty good at it.

CityFibre is building a team of Customer Field Engineers, made for anyone who wants to make a real difference, no experience necessary. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Our latest opportunities

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We’re always looking for customer-centric people to join our team, whether they have existing telecoms experience or they’re just starting out and looking to gain valuable experience in a growing business. If you’re a real people person, a great problem-solver and you’re ready to go the extra mile for our customers, I’d love to hear from you.

Adam Edwards

Recruitment Business Partner

Jude Felton
Everyone here is genuinely committed to changing the telecoms industry. That passion and energy is incredibly refreshing - the start-up feel means we’re not bogged down by legacy systems or processes. We have the freedom to do things our way.

Judith Felton

Head of Customer Services

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