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Better By Design

The UK deserves a better way to connect to the internet

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Today’s technology lays the foundations for tomorrow and that's exactly why we're rolling out a new, fibre only network, designed and purpose-built for the data age. Our goal is to cover entire communities, so that no one is forgotten.

Our stories

The projects we’re undertaking and the progress we’re making.

A more intelligent network

We’re committed to our mission with a team that’s forever pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Their job is to ensure everything, from how we build, serve and innovate for the future is better, resulting in connections so fast and reliable you can take them for granted.

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Purpose-building a brand new fibre only network, that’s designed for the digital age and built to outlast.

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Developing smart systems that empower our customers to provide exceptional service for theirs.

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Employing passionate people who ensure every interaction is effortless and friction-free.

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Never standing still and doing everything we can to help our partners stand out from the crowd.


No copper. No exceptions