Project Gigabit Hampshire

We're extending our network to around 76,000 premises across Hampshire.

Project Gigabit is the UK government’s flagship £5 billion programme to enable hard-to-reach communities to access lightning-fast gigabit-capable broadband.

Key information

The contract for Hampshire was awarded to CityFibre in June 2023 following a competitive process to identify the most suitable supplier, based on cost and quality.


premises estimated to benefit


UK government investment


CityFibre private investment

Up to 2.5Gbps

symmetrical speed services


full fibre infrastructure

In addition to its £54m investment, CityFibre will back existing work ongoing in the county to protect biodiversity, support rewilding and stimulate conservation. This includes grants to local charities and making over a thousand hours of environmental volunteering opportunities available to CityFibre and supply chain employees.

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Project overview

The work planned under this contract will extend the network CityFibre has been building in Hampshire since 2019, including Portsmouth and more recently Havant.

With first connections expected by summer 2024, and taking around 5 years to complete, the additional build work under the UK government’s Project Gigabit programme will see the benefits of gigabit speed broadband services reach around 76,000 additional premises in the region’s rural and hard-to-reach locations.

A brand new network choice

The modern fibre-only network we’re building is different from all existing infrastructure serving the area. It’s built from scratch to be faster and more reliable. Homes and businesses will have access to symmetrical services of up to 2.5Gbps, with the network itself capable of up to 10Gbps in future.

Broadband packages will be provided and supported by well-known internet service providers, as well as a range of fresh names - often with something special to offer.

Joining our network

If we could build it overnight, we would, but these things take time. As we build, we’ll do our best to make sure everyone knows what to expect, when to expect it and where they can order from.

If you’re a resident or run a business in the area, it’s a good idea to check your address on our website from time to time in case plans change. We also recommend registering your interest with us – especially if you’re keen to benefit from your new network as soon as its available.

Availability information coming soon

We’re busy surveying all the premises in scope of this project. Once complete, you’ll be able to check the status of your property at any time. Alternatively, enter your postcode now, register for updates and we’ll keep you updated.

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