Unlike most modern fibre, which gets slowed down on old coper wires, we run full fibre directly into your house. No copper cables. No sluggish connections. No struggling to function properly in your own home.

Capable of speeds of up to 49 times faster than the broadband in most UK homes, our full fibre network provides less lags, less drops in connection and almost limitless capacity, all up to £130 cheaper than your regular part-fibre broadband.*

*UK home broadband performance - Ofcom 2022

Why choose Full Fibre?

end-to-end Fibre

It's all fibre, all the way to your home, unlike the majority of UK fibre connections that rely on copper wire.

Faster Speeds

Up to 2.5Gpbs, that's up to 49x faster than the broadband used by most UK homes*.


Up to 5x more reliable*. With intelligent tracking that fixes issues as they happen.

Low prices

From only £24 per month*, select a broadband provider and choose from a range of full fibre packages.

In partnership with a wide range of broadband providers:

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Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our customers are saying about CityFibre on TrustPilot


  • The majority of fibre broadband services today are only part fibre - using fast fibre cable to the cabinet in your street, and then switching to slow copper cable to connect your property.

    What about full fibre then? Well, it's simple - our full fibre cables extend all the way to your home and deliver a connection so reliable you won’t have to think about your broadband connection ever again.

    Full fibre broadband is up to 25x faster than the UK standard broadband, it also uses significantly less energy than part fibre services.

    Find discover the benefits of full fibre and check whether CityFibre is in your area, visit our CityFibre Homes page.

  • The cost of your full fibre connection depends on the broadband provider that you choose and the package that you take out with them.

    You don't actually pay anything to CityFibre, we build the brand new full fibre network, which is then used by 30+ broadband providers, including Vodafone, TalkTalk, Zen and Giganet, they will offer you a range of full fibre broadband packages to suit your needs.

    If the CityFibre network has been built in your area, you can find out which broadband providers are available by putting your address into our availability checker, you will also see a summary of the packages and starting prices that they are able to offer.

  • A CityFibre connection is a connection that just feels effortless, whatever you throw at it, now and for generations to come. This isn’t about what you couldn’t do before. This is about doing all those things without having to think twice, now and in the future.

  • At CityFibre, we’ve designed a network capable of quietly tracking and fixing issues as they happen – minimising those painful freezes and drop-outs.