About us

What do we do at CityFibre?

As the UK’s 2nd largest national full fibre infrastructure platform, we’re designing, building and operating a whole new network for the data age. A network that delivers a connection so reliable people won’t have to think about their broadband ever again. As part of our £4bn Gigabit City Investment Programme, we plan to connect up to 8 million homes and businesses across the UK.

About us

What is a Gigabit City?

A Gigabit City is a town or city with an intelligent fibre network capable of surpassing the digital needs of the entire region – including residents, public sector, businesses and mobile operators.

Getting Connected

I already have fibre, how is this different?

A majority of ‘fibre’ connections also use some copper wire, just like the copper they used to make phone calls in 1877. CityFibre’s fibre cables extend all the way into homes and businesses, delivering a near faultless connection.

Getting Connected

What will full fibre allow me to do that I can’t already?

A CityFibre connection is a connection that just feels effortless, whatever you throw at it, now and for generations to come. This isn’t about what you couldn’t do before. This is about doing all those things without having to think twice, now and in the future.

Getting Connected

What makes this network ‘intelligent’?

At CityFibre, we’ve designed a network capable of quietly tracking and fixing issues as they happen – minimising those painful freezes and drop-outs.

Building our networks

When are you building in my area?

Our team will hand-deliver a letter a week before we start to extend the network to your home. We can also keep up to date if you leave your details with us

Getting Connected

I saw you building on my street, but I haven't heard anything since, when can I connect?

The time it takes to extend our network in your area varies depending on its size, the kind of construction we’re doing and any issues that might come up. While you will see our teams actively building in your area, there are other installation factors to consider. If you would like to be kept up to date about exactly when you can connect, please register your interest via our availability checker.

Getting Connected

How does CityFibre get installed onto my property and will you dig up my garden?

CityFibre will not build anything on your property until you decide to take a service from one of our broadband providers (also known as an ISP, or internet service provider). CityFibre installs the network on your street using a range of build techniques. In most cases, we place a small black connection box in the ground on the boundary of your property or on a nearby utility pole. Once you sign up to the CityFibre network with an ISP, CityFibre installers will agree on a preferred installation route from the connection box to your property.

Video: Home installation, what can you expect

Visit our Installation page for more information.

Building our networks

Who do my tenants buy broadband services from?

There are a number of broadband providers who use the CityFibre network including Vodafone and Talk Talk. Once your properties are connected and our service is live, we will get in touch with your tenants, they will then be able to use our availability checker to see who they connect with.

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