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Empower your business with Full Fibre

Whether you’re a small company in a single office, or a larger business with employees and offices across the country, our Full Fibre networks are ready to help you operate faster, smarter and more cost-effectively.

“The idea of getting 1Gbps both up and down is a game-changer for us and we need to be offering that kind of service to our customers. We’d always assumed it would be expensive, but we quickly realised that given the kind of speeds we’d be getting, it was actually affordable on a business-case basis.”

Neil Finnie

Founder and Managing Director at The Generator

“The biggest difference is we now have a stable connection. Before, our connection would keep dropping out perhaps three or four times a day. It was so frustrating. Now we are working ten hours a day and it’s a solid connection. We are not using all the capacity but that’s not a problem, because it’s affordable and we are a growing business.”

Luc Logan

Business Unit Manager, Dalter UK

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