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Access to reliable, high-speed Internet is a key factor in where homebuyers choose to live. So much so that 88% list poor Internet as one of the main deterrents when considering a relocation.

Ensuring your development is equipped with the best Full Fibre network available makes it instantly more attractive to buyers. Plus, with Full Fibre built in from the start, there’ll be no disruptive digging to improve the network, as Full Fibre has near limitless capabilities.

Broadband speed can increase the value of a property by as much as 24%*

*ISP review 2019

Full Fibre benefits for developers

  • Increase desirability of your development with the best Full Fibre available
  • Future-proof your development with a network that can adapt to digital change
  • Support the government ambition for 100% Gigabit coverage

Full Fibre benefits for residents

  • Fast, reliable broadband with speeds of up to 1000Mbps
  • A network that can handle multiple devices and users online at once
  • Choice of great broadband providers, including Vodafone and TalkTalk

Get started with your dedicated planner

* Means a field is required.

Connecting your development is simple



Step 1

Initial site design and commercial proposition



Step 2

Assign a CityFibre planner



Step 3

Prepare offsite connection and supply free equipment



Step 4

Build onsite connection and lay onsite ducting



Step 5

Plot sign off and payment

Expert installation guaranteed

Your dedicated planner and field manager will work closely with you to rapidly turn around designs, ensuring our infrastructure fits seamlessly into your development. Then our expert build team get to work; with extensive experience installing Full Fibre in all types of property, you can rest assured they’ll do the job right.

We also offer comprehensive commercial packages, along with free issue of equipment, chamber equipment, and provision of free ducting.

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