Ofcom Report Reliability Statement

Full Fibre Reliability Statement - Ofcom Report 2018

1. Geographic availability

Full Fibre on the CityFibre network is subject to geographic availability. See our availability checker at cityfibre.com to see if our Full Fibre is available at your address.

2. Up to 5 x more reliable.

Full Fibre is 100% fibre-optic broadband that goes directly into your home.

Most homes in the UK currently have Part Fibre which uses fibre-optic cables from the exchange to the cabinet and then copper cables from the cabinet into your home.

The CityFibre network is 100% fibre-optic and delivers Full Fibre that is up to 5 x more reliable than connections that use the old copper cables as stated by Ofcom April 2018.

3. Up to 25 x faster.

Full fibre broadband is up to 25 times faster than standard fibre broadband (which uses copper cables to reach your home).

4. Cheaper / Up to £180 cheaper than your regular old broadband.

As compared with comparable broadband packages delivered on Part Fibre technology.

Based on publicly available information for comparable new customer broadband plans where both Full Fibre (on the CityFibre network) as well as Part Fibre connections are available as at 16/12/2022. Saving of £180 represents BT Fibre 2 at £38.99 per month vs Vodafone Full Fibre 2 at £24 per month.

Prices and savings may vary over time. All price comparisons are rental monthly prices only and exclude new line installation costs and any special offers, bundles and/or social tariffs. Total savings stated are over a 12-month period:

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4. Prices from £20 per month / Prices from £21 per month

Based on publicly available monthly plan prices provided by our partner broadband websites.

Quoted £20 per month is an Air Broadband plan available as of 16/12/22, and quoted £21 per month is a Vodafone plan available as of 16/12/22.

Prices will vary by broadband partner and location and in the case of social tariffs may be subject to additional qualification criteria.

Please visit our availability checker at cityfibre.com and the websites of our broadband partners directly to view the latest availability and prices in your area.

5. Connect today / Our network is now available to your home (or similar)

In certain instances, there can be additional qualifiers and processes required to connect your home to the CityFibre network due to any architectural, technical, health and safety, engineering or legal elements involved.

If you have been told that your home can connect to the CityFibre network but are experiencing difficulties, please get in touch.