Full Fibre Broadband for homes


does your broadband suck?

It’s time to plug your home into the CityFibre full fibre network

We are a brand new full fibre network, built from scratch and designed for the digital age. Our network will deliver full fibre broadband that is faster, smoother and more reliable; it can be up to £190 a year cheaper than your regular broadband too*.

Using the latest technology, our network has created a new standard, for now, and for generations to come.

*Full Fibre Reliability Statement - Ofcom 2018

Choose from A RANGE OF broadband PROVIDERS

Millions of homes nationwide can connect to our network through one of our partnered broadband providers – the hardest part is choosing which one.

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We never really think about how our broadband works, and most are happy with that. But if you’re one of the more technically minded people out there, here’s a handy diagram to show our network off in all its techy glory.

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  • Copper Line Copper Line
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We are rolling out a purpose-built full fibre network to 8 million UK homes and businesses. A network that is fit for the data age, enabling broadband connections so quick and reliable they can be taken for granted.

We work with over 30 broadband providers, such as Vodafone, TalkTalk, Zen and Giganet, who offer a range of packages to deliver the full fibre experience directly into your home, using our network.

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Switching to CityFibre's full fibre network is simple

Most ‘fibre’ broadband connections aren’t what you think. The reality is, for most homes, the ‘fibre’ only makes it as far as the end of your street, the final stretch to your home is using the same copper wire that was used to make phone calls back in 1877.

We recognise that life’s easier when the things that should work, just work. Broadband is one of those, so why settle with ‘ok’? CityFibre's full fibre network extends all the way into your home and delivers a broadband connection so reliable you won’t have to think about it again.

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Can you connect to the cityfibre network?

Enter your postcode below to find out which broadband providers are offering full fibre packages in your area and find the best deal to suit you.

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The Technology

Find out more about the science behind our network and how it sets a new standard in broadband technology.

Our network
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How we build

Interested to discover how we build our brand-new network on your street?

Our Build
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How we install

Want to know more about the installation process to your home?

How we install
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Got more questions? Visit our help centre to find the answer.

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Enter your postcode to find out when our network will be coming to your home or discover which providers you can connect with if it's already available in your area.