There's fibre & there's CityFibre

We're building the UK's finest fibre broadband network in 285 towns & cities

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Full Fibre in 5 simple steps
  • 1. Keeping you informed
    We send you a letter with all the information you need to know about building Full Fibre in your area.
  • 2. Getting ready to build
    We complete our final checks of the build site and plan everything to make sure it’s as it should be.
  • 3. The build is on
    We start building our Full Fibre network on your street. In most cases, we're usually outside each property for only 2-3 days.
  • 4. Tidying up
    We put everything back in its place. This is often done in stages, so don’t worry if things don’t look right straight away – we’ll sort it asap.
  • 5. Getting connected
    We’ll then switch on the CityFibre network in your street and you can connect to Full Fibre with one of the broadband providers that use our network.
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Here’s some videos where you can find out about how we bring Full Fibre to your home.

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Frequently asked questions

For more information on the build or getting connected to Full Fibre, visit our Help Centre.