Why should I connect my development to Full Fibre?

Why should I connect my development to Full Fibre?

Information for property and land developers

On average, property values increase by 3% and sell faster when a property benefits from full fibre internet speeds. Buyers are now much more conscious of the speed and reliability of their internet connection than a decade ago. With CityFibre’s gigabit-enabled network, you get access to the fastest, most reliable full fibre offering in the marketplace, direct to the door of every unit within your new development.

We’re also keen to work with you every step of the way to ensure our network fits seamlessly into your development. We’ll provide you with a dedicated CityFibre contact, and provide compelling commercial packages coupled with free issue of equipment, including ducting, chambers, lids prefabricated rings, frames and covers. Complete our property developer form to start the process.

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