An opportunity for everyone!

Early & New Careers

An opportunity for everyone!

What programmes CityFibre offer and why you should be interested.

10 October 2022

CityFibre is #ChangingItUp. As an organisation, you could say we live by two missions. One is to digitalise Britain’s future, and the other is to create meaningful connections. These connections can be national, but they can also happen all under the same roof.

At CityFibre, there are so many opportunities to connect. All of our different apprenticeships, summer placements, academy programmes and graduate roles have been designed to connect the UK to their future careers.

Here’s what some of our incredible people have to say about their experiences with these opportunities:


“I believe that apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a career. CityFibre’s apprenticeships are completely focused on you and you’re learning. These apprenticeships are brilliant and offer fantastic opportunities and avenues for anyone to explore. Jamie Carroll, Compliance Data Apprentice

In creating these apprenticeship opportunities, we have opened the door to many young people looking to build an exciting and long-lasting career. From marketing to customer management there are so many career paths within telecoms to explore. Our apprenticeships show them that if they’re looking for longevity, support and enjoyment, the telecoms industry – and especially CityFibre – is the place they’ll find it. Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve been named in RateMyApprentice’s Top 100 Best Apprentice Employers. What are you waiting for? Find out more about CityFibre apprenticeships here!

Summer Placements

“The best part of my summer placement at CityFibre has been when I’ve been on-site, seeing how the operatives dig and being able to interview and question them. I've been within the barriers with my hard hat, highvis and safety boots on, which is something I never thought I'd experience in my life. The experience has been incredible.” Katherine Murphy - Organisation Psychologist Summer Placement

Experience isn’t always necessary to make an impact. These summer placements have proved just that. We offer these kinds of opportunities out during the summer to have young people immerse themselves in something that is truly making a difference. Our placement programme is world-class, proven by our award win as RateMyPlacement’s Best Medium-sized Employer 2022-23! Your future is what you make of it, and our summer placements have had a taste of what their future could look like at CityFibre. A role in telecoms will be so much more exciting than you expected. Register your interest for our summer 2023 placements here.

Planner Academy

Building a legacy can’t be done without strong foundations. In setting up our Planner Academy, that idea was at the forefront of our minds. Through this bespoke training programme, we offer anyone that chance to make an impact and forge a steadfast and exciting career. CityFibre is giving you this opportunity, getting it is as simple as taking it. Find out about the next intake here!

Our Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE) Programme

"[In my cohort] we've got an eclectic mix of individuals, all with a mix of experience. Someone in chemical engineering, and somebody who used to work in the fabric and manufacturing business. Goes to show, irrespective of your age, gender, your previous job, if you think something sounds interesting you should just go for it.” Bex Gordon-Watson

Our programmes are designed for everyone, no requirements, no qualifications, just a desire to get stuck in and learn something new. There’s nothing stopping you from being a part of the UK’s digital revolution and as part of the QAE Programme, you’ll be right at the heart of our mission. This isn’t just a job, it’s a career and we’re offering you one full of huge growth potential and incredible experience. Find out more!

Our Armed Forces Scheme

A career in telecoms can be for anyone. There are so many transferable skills from different industries that you can use to your advantage. This is proven through our Armed Forces Scheme. We’ve been introducing ex-service members to our community for a while now through different opportunities that offer the stability and reassurance anyone re-entering the workforce may need. No matter your age, your career level or where you’ve come from – there’s a place at CityFibre for you.

“There are many overlapping traits and skills between the military and the telecoms industry, which for me made my transition easier. I’ve recommended Telecoms countless times to ex-service members; I’m living proof of just how natural the transition from the forces to this industry can be.” Craig Ferguson

Are you ready to start changing it up?

As a scale-up, we know all about the obstacles you face when you’re trying something new. We want to make forging a career accessible to anyone, which is why there are so many and why there are many more to come. These opportunities offer you the chance to make a real difference in your role. Every single one of us is part of connecting the UK to its full-fibre future.

Make a connection today by joining CityFibre in one of their many departments across the country. Find out more here.