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So, you’re about to finish university, or maybe you've already finished and you’re looking for somewhere to build your incredible career. Question is, where do you look? The answer is pretty simple, look here!

Whether it’s Marketing, Planning, Project Management, Finance, Customer Services, Technical Support or Software Engineering, there’s no end to the opportunities we have for Graduates here at CityFibre.

What makes CityFibre a great place for Graduates?

With a huge heart and an abundance of restless energy, CityFibre is building the digital future. This is a career that needs no reset, no update, no extra time – the perfect place for Graduates to settle in!

At home from day one

You won’t find a more supportive environment to begin your career. Your line manager and team will be on hand to help you and answer any questions you have, no matter how big or small.

We’re still growing, just like you!

We’re proud to have retained that start-up mentality makes us unique and gives everyone a chance to contribute their ideas, whatever their level of experience.

Responsibility we know you can handle

No shadowing people or making continuous cups of tea - you will be assigned real projects and make an impact on our success straightaway.

Our latest opportunities

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Can't find what you're looking for?

We're growing rapidly, and are always looking for new talent. Check back soon to see if we've got the role for you, or register your details to hear first about new opportunities.

Boosting your career

Once you’ve settled in and found your feet, you can start thinking about your future. Our Early & New Careers Team (alongside your line manager) will support you with creating a detailed personal development plan aligned to your role, progression and ambitions. You’ll have the opportunity to access an internal mentor, along with regular training opportunities.

Then, if you’re interested in exploring management-level opportunities, you can join our highly successful 15-month Aspiring Managers Programme, where you can achieve a Level 3 qualification in Team Leading and accelerate your career.


  • Our early careers offering ranges from Work Experience at CityFibre, through to Apprenticeships opportunities and CityFibre Graduates roles, all located in our teams across the UK. From Apprentice Marketing Executives to Graduate GIS Technicians, our roles also benefit from a dedicated and rewarding pay structure, alongside additional development opportunities to enhance career progression.

    We've never been more dedicated to recruiting and developing our early careers opportunities and this year we've committed to recruiting over 100 early and new careers positions, bringing talented individuals into the organisation who will impact and accelerate CityFibre’s future.

  • It is important that our image to our customers is both smart and professional. Whatever your role, you are expected to dress in a manner that is suitable to what you do and where you work. For example, if you are meeting clients or in a public facing role it is important to you represent CityFibre in a professional manner. CityFibre’s attitude to dress is flexible however reasonable consideration needs to be taken so not to offend any other member of staff or clients, for example, short or revealing clothing or offensive words or symbols.

  • There are ample opportunities for you to grow within CityFibre. We support you with a PDP and continuously offer development opportunities through our incredible Learning & Development team. Here at CityFibre, our Graduates also benefit from:

    • Networking sessions with senior managers and other graduates
    • Mentoring opportunities via Mentorloop
    • Support towards technical qualifications and the opportunity to apply for our Aspiring Managers Programme
  • You’ll typically be a Graduate for 2 years, during which you’ll receive additional training, have quarterly get-togethers and given the opportunity to achieve qualifications.

  • At CityFibre we encourage continuous learning and professional development for everyone. To continue developing our talent, we offer internal Apprenticeships and technical training to employees who wish to commit to obtaining a qualification in their area of expertise.

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